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Yesterday, 2012 29th March, a Dangote trailer crushed a final year student of the Benue State University, Makurdi to death in front of the school premises. Students in a mad rage over this burnt down the Benue Internal Revenue Service headquarters situated opposite the university. Two more lives were lost in further protests. The school has been shut down till further notice. In this piece, Ternenge Torough, a professional accountant and social commentator philosophises on the whole incident and its aftermath.


Jungle justice has never in any way served the society right. As much as I condemn in totality the reprisal attack on BIRS Headquarters  and the killing of a Benue State University Student by a Truck driver. How has the attack on BIRS shown that, those culprits involved are educated? Are there better ways that student could have expressed their grievances without taking laws into their hands? What do they stand to gain/loss for demonstrating the way they just did?

What can we do to avoid to this ugly incidence in future? Introduction of speed breaker on access road along the school area to reduce the chances of students of being knock down by reckless drivers. This has been done in other places where institutions like BSU are situated along the road side and I see no reason why BSU should be an exception.

Questions that comes to mind after this incidence;

  • Why should students move against government properties like BIRS?
  • How did the Police handle the control of student that was aggrieved and demonstrating?
  • Will further destruction of properties/lives after incidences like this serve any justice to the aggrieved party?
  • Will the students suffer more losses after the worrisome act they just displayed? Obviously, yes.
  • Can such demonstration be taken over by hoodlums in the name of they are fighting for a cause as students?
  • How do we educate students on better ways of expressing their grievances without taking the laws into their hands?


We must learn to live together. We all need one another to make this world a better place. We must build this Benue of ours rather than tear it down. May the souls lost RIP, BIRS should see this as just a temporary set back and should bounce back bigger. Businesses destroyed should not let allow this set back to be permanent but should find a way to bounce back. If possible, the culprits involved should be made to face the law. I pray this unfortunate incidence should not repeat itself again.


May God be with us.



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  1. I found out that the student was not crushed by the trailer to death. That student was rushed to a hospital. There were two deaths later but this is to correct the impression that the hit student did not die there as noted in the introduction to this piece. Thanks, S’


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