Read the following short play before you prank or make your next confession…Might save a soul!! And do pass on 🙂

Lady: Hi, good morning

Radio Station: Good morning, what can we do for u?
Lady: Please I would like two tickets to the A.Y[1] show holding this weekend
Radio Station: Well, you can have the tickets only if you can play a prank on someone on air and make them believe it
Lady: That’s okay.
Radio Station: Are you married? Do you have kids?
Lady: Yes, and I have a son. The tickets are for me and my lovely husband.
Radio Station: Good. You would call your husband n tell him he is not the father of your son.
Lady: Wow, that’s a big one.
Radio Station: Well, depends on how bad you want the tickets, and anyway we will be live on air
listening and step in 2 tell him it’s all a prank.
Lady: Ok. Let’s do this because I really want the tickets
Radio Station: Ok. Where is he right now?
Woman: He is in d office. His number is…
(Radio Station calls d husband)
Lady: Hello love.
Husband: Hi baby
Lady: How is work?
Husband: Good! Can’t wait to get back home to you!

Lady: Me too love. But em… there’s something I need to tell you.
Husband: Ok, I’m all ears dear
Lady: You know I love you?
Husband: Yes I do
Lady: And we promised to always be sincere to each other?
Husband: Yes we did. You are starting to scare me dear, please, what’s this about?
Lady: Something happened in my office nine years ago.
Husband: What happened?
Lady: D annual Xmas party we have in the office, 9 yrs ago I got so drunk and had sex with a co-worker…em, you are not the father of our son.
Husband: WHAT?!!!
Lady: I just felt you should know.
Husband: Are u crazy?
Lady: Am sorry love; I just needed to get it off my chest.
Husband: I can’t believe this.
Lady: I’m sorry love, please forgive me.
Husband: You want forgivness? Ok, you too forgive this, I have been sleeping with your sister for the past five years!
Radio Station: Oh God!
Lady: What did you say?!!
Husband: U heard me; we just confessed our sins to each other. Is there someone there with you?
Radio Station: (Shaky voice) Sir, this is Pranks FM and eh… you are on air. We asked your wife to
play a prank on you so you guys can get tickets to go watch the AY live show this weekend…Hello?




Culled from an anonymous author…Okay…Hmm

[1] The AY Show is a Nigerian stand up comedy show featuring ace comedian AY.



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  1. Hahaha…I know this show..and yes people usually fall victims..Wonder what the woman would do now..
    How have you been, Su’ghur ?


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