Frog Prince (

You have some deep thought and imagine yourself asking her out. Well, not in the usual roses and kisses manner – that isn’t your style. You take off. After the long journey, you simply blurt it out “I want to ask you out.” She hesitates as she takes you in, visually; dark afroed pimpled face in a not so tall body. You think you look better with a frown but still, you smile and tell her not to look at the physical, yet. Now, as you talk, you remember your reputation. Your reputation has not helped much. You know she might have heard some ill of you. Then, there is the gap and difference in everything. She may detest your looks too since, as you think, she is exceedingly beautiful beyond you. The wealth factor is evident in the difference too, hers being far outclassing. The brain goes into overtime as you look on, one look at one. Words fail but Literature always has a way out. It comes soon:
“Remember the Frog Prince?” She creases her pretty brow in confusion, forgetfulness too, perhaps. A quick rehash of the tale and she looks on. “Kid with funny story” probably the very words of her thought. She is a Policy Strategist and a deep Believer so Literature comes on the surface, nothing more.
“After some experiences that compel the Princess, she has to endure the several ugly behavior of the frog as he is her guest and date. Let’s take it all over again. The Princess with her golden ball plays with it till it goes down a deep well. She is deeply sad. Then Mr. Frog appears. He promises to get it for her if she would have him as her date in the palace, and some little extras. The urgency of the second clouds the brain into a quick yes. He gets it for her as she snatches it without a “Thank you” and dashes off in continuance of her play. A long time later, a while forgotten, sloppy feet are heard and a knock on the palace door. The servant comes to declare a visitor for the Princess. She goes and finds ‘it,’ the frog. He requests for his date as she gets to her Mum. She complains;
‘The slimy disgusting frog…that thing.’
‘Your word is your bond.’ the Queen replies firmly, ‘More than anyone else, you must keep it.’
Solemnly, she goes and picks the slimy frog. He requests to be treated nice, shares her meal up to the same plate and after everything, decides to sleep over. Yes, in her bedroom too! All the while, she tries to protest but he threatens her with reporting to her mother. On the floor, he goes, plop! But no, he wants to share her bed. The cheek! “Mother will hear” sounds again and she changes her mind. She puts him on the bed at a corner and decides to sleep at the farthest opposite end when the sobbing sounds begin.
‘What is wrong? Don’t you have all you want?’ She asks.
‘I know I have made you…sob sob… sad and disgusted. I have been a…sob sob… very lonely frog, without any friends. I have been…sob sob… in that well forever without any. All I wanted was for you …sob sob… to be my friend. Since I am a nuisance, I will leave you. As soon as it is light, I will take my things and go back and stay in my lonely well.’
She is touched, carries him and kisses him sincerely with tears accompanying. WHOA! He transforms into a handsome Prince and as they say, they live happily ever after.
Nice story. What happened? The frog is a disgusting ugly man with no friends. He forces himself on the Princess and she is forced to be nice to him. He feels the cold ‘goodness’ and eventually freezes, telling her she can skip the pretence as he would return to his well. Despite his disgusting attitudes and all, he only wanted to be loved. The Princess’s harsh and cold treatment only made him worse till he decides to leave. Only her sincerity of heart shown in pity and repentant love drawn in a kiss changes him. He is no longer the disgusting ugly frog, but a beautiful and charming Price who plays with her and colours her days, happily ever after. The power of positivity, the power of love. In the end, you get to note that there is far more than the sight.”
You look her straight in the eyes and wonder where the story sits. It matters not, for since the preamble is over, the entire body, greater than any fairy tale, await to be asked in the single question requiring a yes or no… Time freezes.



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. Sweet, sweet. I remember this story. You ought to have been born when the tale came out so you could do a quasi-review of the story. Meanwhile, Su’eddie… *clears throat* shey you are not froggie? We’ll overlook the fact that they are true rhymes. Hehe.
    This is the children’s story for adults. Like the way ’twas written. Well done. $ß.


    1. Bubbllinna, for the right lady, I would gladly be everything from frog to Prince, from Prince to all that’s nice ;)…
      Thanks for the compliment… and wait, what’s it with the true rhymes gist? Hmm! Shei you want punishment? Hmm… Okay o!
      This story really spoke to me when I wrote it… Thanks for all the compliments. Daalu.


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