LULLABY OF WAR (A Poem) by Gooseberry

(From Naija Stories - WAR and DESTRUCTION)

Misunderstandings of unlike minds
Hits climax
And violence awakens

The sun gets jealous
Of the beauty of the blazing fire
Rising to the sky
Like a painting in motion
Consuming the earth like a hungry scavenger
And roasting creatures like helpless barbecue
Of what song do we sing?

Sounds of terror
Blasts through the ears like thunder
Puncturing the eardrums and shaking the earth
Causing gravity to perform in command
Screams piercing and cries reverberating
Letting fear roam the earth in stealth.
Of what song do we sing?

Women and children
Adorned in tattered rags and coated in dust
Wander in terror with sunken eyes and protruding abdomen
Terrified as scattered limbs
Cause them to limp
Of what song do we sing?

Oh men!!
Our sweet sweet men
Perish for no just cause
Allowing guns to spit dangerous metals enclosed with heat
Who will be our companion if you go?
Of what song do we sing?

We sing the song of savage
The song that embraces gory
Where we eat human flesh and drink blood
But never get satisfied

If I could sing a song
I’ll sing this violent baby a lullaby
And send him to sleep
While we leave
And let the world live

Then slowly
He’ll flicker his lids
Tilt his head backwards
And drift away
To a land called peace.

©Gooseberry 2012

Gooseberry is a creative writer and one of the top poets of . Naija Stories is a great literary network boasting most of Nigeria’s hottest young talents at the moment. It is run by Myne Whitman and a team of great administrators.



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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