THE OBITUARY by Abigail George

Many times we lose our loved ones and it feels like it is just soooo not right. We can’t believe it.
We tend to put up our thoughts to honour them in what forms we can. It is at this point, that we write poems,
make their pictures our profile pics, spread their cheer to the world and so on and so forth…It has happened
to me severally. Perhaps to you. It is still going to happen. So, why don’t we learn to start or keep appreciating
those who we love and honour in our lives. Do those things you would do for them if they were dead when they are alive
so that in death too, they would have the honour that the cold might not allow them.
This is in tribute to the aunt of a beautiful friend of mine, Abigail George. It is a poem titled ‘The Obituary’
and it starts with a fore note. – Su’eddie Agema

Fore Note:
My aunt died yesterday evening in the hospital. It came as a shock to everyone. She was the kindest and most beautiful person I have ever known in my life. I loved her like a mother and I wrote The Obituary for her.

The Obituary

Infinite Love changes everything
Time and place, being and life
When Magda came into the world
She changed the world around her
With her love, empathy and her
Generosity of spirit that she especially
Showed towards other people

This mother and wife loved in truth, in living

There will only ever
Be one person like her
She will live forever in
Our hearts and minds
And her spirit will
Live on in her grandchildren

Magda was a diamond, a beautiful person inside and out

Her heart was filled
With grace and appreciation
For everyone around her
Magda was also very much
A spiritual person
She believed in God

We need more souls like her in the world

She will be remembered
For the volcano of her warmth and laughter
She always exceeded my expectations
And I know we all feel that
We were truly blessed to have
Felt her perfect spirit

She was that rare, pure and perfect thing

To have known and loved her
As a mother, a sister, a daughter,
An aunt and a grandmother
Whenever she was around
It never felt like winter rather
More like a love song

The words you always remember

She was fringed with acts of love
I would need hours to describe her
Now there’s emptiness
Where she used to be but proof
Of our existence lives on
In the ones we leave behind

She has earned our love

Now there’s silence
Where there once was a voice
Like a river and for all of eternity
There will be a vanishing point
The illusion of life is slow
At the beginning and the dance
Speeds up as we all near the end

Everything of life is a slowing down

Magda’s smile was epic
I think I will always remember
How she expressed herself
In the end we’re all tourists
Searching for our own corner
Of Paradise in this world

And in the end she found her own

© Abigail George 2012 6th February



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

3 thoughts on “THE OBITUARY by Abigail George

  1. Yes there is so much misery in death, it’s that feeling of hollowness which engulfs one’s entire being and every muscle seems to have turned to jelly…that’s how I feel each time some one goes away from me. Your tribute warms the soul Abigail. We at least take comfort in the gift of the soul, where we keep the flame of life burning until we too are called home.©


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