Look at ME please: The challenge of self-promotion in a super-sized world. by YEJIDE KILANKO

I’m sure most of you heard the news in 2011 that the world’s population has surpassed 7,000,000,000 people. What this means, is that there are a lot of us walking around on planet earth. Not only are we competing for the necessities of life, we’re competing for the opportunity to display our talents to the largest audience.

For us creative folks, it’s about getting attention for our work. You and I know that no matter how much we admire our own genius ( really, who else would have had the wit to put those two unique words next to each other?) we need the validation that comes from positive feedback and the eventual sale of our works. In a world of shrinking resources, we not only have to put our best foot (work) forward, we have to toss aside that old-fashioned notion of not tooting your own horn and hire a marching band complete with a book wearing mascot.

I’ll be completely open with you, after all there’s nothing as intimate as an article posted on a public internet site, that this has been a challenge for me. One of the life lessons my dear mother taught came from a Yoruba proverb, “when your yam is sprouting, you cover it with your hand.” For those wondering why this is necessary, it’s to prevent those lurking, envious so-and-sos’ from standing in the way of your progress. The other thing is that there’re so many mouths and a limited number of yams.

The way things go in this present world is that you really ‘need’ to send out a growth announcement about the yam.

“Dear friends and frenemies, it’s my pleasure to announce that my recently planted African yam (aka Dioscorea rotundata) pierced through nutrient-rich loamy soil at 21:00 hours yesterday. In the absence of a locust infestation, yam and planter are doing just fine.”

Then it’s very important to tweet daily about leaf formation, green pesticide use, water conservation methods and any unique characteristics of your yam vine. Moreover, when that sweet piece of earthy goodness makes its entrance, pictures of you eating the boiled or roasted yam with spicy palm oil must grace your Facebook page. Please, do remember to close your mouth as you chew. Even when you delete the pictures, you never know where they’re going to turn up.

As I ponder about different (think covert) ways of marketing my work, I’ve thought of having colourful t-shirts made for my children with the book cover and website address printed on it. That way, I could get their friends to fall in love with the book during recess. These angelic cherubs in turn, would tell their parents about it and the parents would tell a friend and so on and so forth. Yours truly, the mastermind behind this all, would then smile all the way to the piggy bank.

Before you start judging me, please remember that I’m ‘really’ doing this for the children. A trip back to the magical land of Disneyworld which is at the top of their vacation list is not cheap. And since they are all going to be nuclear physicists or neurosurgeons with perfect teeth, neither are braces or a university education. And the way I look at it, it’s never too early to start thinking of a retirement plan. Especially since their dear mama is eyeing a timeshare in the Bahamas. Okay, this is the part where I pinch myself back into reality.

The take-away nugget at the end of my long speech, is that we wielders of the pen or the keyboard, not only have to keep doing what we do; we have to become savvy about marketing our selves. You and your work are the products. This would include public speaking, use of social media, community engagement and platform development. To accept that if we truly believe in our message, we need to stand tall and share it. Even at the risk of it all coming out as that obnoxious sound of the vuvuzela.

Yejide Kilanko © 2012

Yejide Kilanko is a humorist and writer of great depth. She was born in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1975. A Social Worker in children’s mental health, she holds degrees from the University of Ibadan, the University of Victoria, the University of Windsor and has worked as a Child Protection Worker in Canada. She currently lives in Chatham, Ontario with her husband and children. Find out more about her debut novel on



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4 thoughts on “Look at ME please: The challenge of self-promotion in a super-sized world. by YEJIDE KILANKO

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Yejide. I have two manuscripts, a string of short stories and poems festering away on my laptop. Problem is, I’m a shy introverted person and find the whole marketing thing overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be perfect if a lit agent suddenly discovered your work and found you a publisher on the spot? Overnight, your book would become a bestseller…it could happen, but it’s likelier to happen if you put yourself out there up in people’s faces. Good luck to us.


    1. Abi? You really should do lots of blog publicity o! You write really great Oluchi…would get to you soon sha…Best wishes and of course, we hope to see you back here soon! S’


  2. I first read this piece on The writer really spoke my mind. There is really nothing like self-marketing. Talents are everywhere, only the smart ones markets themselves. I also need to learn this self-marketing style.


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