Rainy Days by Katica Vrhovac

Rainy Days

I’ll wake up before morning dew is gone
to the calmness of a dayspring
and to the glory of the first sun ray to appear
I’ll put my best outfit on, and
say my good mornings with a positive look,
tomorrow, not today.

Tomorrow I’ll smile at every living thing
and say the world is a wonderful place to live
wonderful place to love, and even to die
tomorrow, not today.

Today I’ll close my eyes
and slip into this misery of life
I’ll plug my ears not to hear a thing
just eerie hollowness around me
I’ll try not to inhale too deep
try to feel how is not to breathe.

But tomorrow,

tomorrow I’ll start
with a fresh breeze, and fresh views
new goals, and new hopes, once again
my dreams will be worth living for
and life will smell like a wild rose.

And if tomorrow rains again
I’ll know what to do
I’ll close my eyes not to see
plug my ears not to hear
shut my mouth not to breathe.

Rainy Day (

Copyright Katica Vrhovac



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

4 thoughts on “Rainy Days by Katica Vrhovac

  1. Simple but beautifully written poem. The illusion of tomorrow keeps us from enjoying today. The reality is that tomorrow starts today. If you can’t be happy today, enjoy life today, doing so tomorrow is only an illusion. Nice one.


    1. Thanks Oluchi…really was touched by the simplicity of Katica’s words…and told her I was going to steal the work and put here by force!! 🙂 Glad you liked it up to dropping a comment…
      I am off to your blog already…!


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