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MODERN SLAVERY (A Poem) by Gregory John O’Flaherty

There is no slavery anymore
The chains have been broken by the law
Everyone is now paid for their work
Chains replaced by debt the modern lurk

Everyone now free to live in poverty
Working off your debt is not slavery
You needed the money that we lent
Do not ask where the contract on interest went

It is not our fault you did not understand
You are now our property wearing the debtors’ brand
If you do not pay off the debt before you die
Your wife and children will don’t you cry

The chains are all broken and the slaves are set free
Now you have your debt to bond you to me
Do not blame me for the poverty to which you were born
Your family will free you when you die and they mourn

There is no point complaining to the law
We paid them off with your daughter our whore
She is so pretty she will pay off your loan
If it was not for the drugs we feed her and own

So aren’t you glad you are now a free man
Free to be slaved to our debt as you can
And if you fail to repay us every single cent
We will slave all your children to the money we lent

Rejoice rejoice the chains are broken and the slaves are set free
Eternally repaying their debt is making millions for me.

21.15 Australian ESDT 2nd February 2012
Copyright Gregory John O’Flaherty



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