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(For Abigail George and Su’Eddie Agema)

They meet at a spot
And intertwined destiny share
In variegated cadences
For each from the well of arts drinks
Are not all artists endowed with madness of some kind?
Do not all sing some music in some way?

To humanity the light of arts
the four-some radiates
From a candelabra of hearts that sheme
And hands that mould words
And brains that order intricate and potent verses
And tongues that draw out hidden talents from scholars
The wicked, writer, poet, and teacher
A quartet of madness
Each eargerly strives and toils
And rests not even at weekends
For when madness gets to the market place
It becomes incurable
As the wordsmith of Eastern Naija scribed
For work they must
Beating rhythms for eathly souls
Till the conversion of the Jews!

Okpara is an Author, Lecturer and Poet. He is an Editor at


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. S, I guess its official, u r mad!!!! Oops shldnt have said dt…….. Cos what does dt say about me? Maybe we’re all mad 2geda!!
    Whose reality doth what madness consist define?
    Perhaps, sanity lies in d tattered clotherd adorning d market place!


  2. Agatha, I forgive you – and only because I have no choice!
    Every writer is mad for daring to define a new reality, creating something new
    and all…That said, I know about me, and I am not sure I am mad except
    madly passionate about what I do 😉 If you gree say you na mad…ok o!
    WE would talk to the tattered clothed in the market place! I have a poem on that…
    Maybe I would put that up next…How you doing A’? Thanks for dropping by! How’s your blog?


  3. Quarter of madness! It’s a masterpiece 4 mature minds. 4da comment wil be adding water 2 strong wine just 2 dilute its potency. Kudos.


    1. Well, yes, Mazi Okpara sure has a way with words… Glad you enjoyed the poem. Let me not talk too much lest like you say, we ‘dilute the potency’ Cheers.


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