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Fun spirit,
It is you I greet
Flying but not stopping to give
Flying winks or even any of them receive

You deem your thoughts low
Thinking your progress slow
But dear, watch even as your humility
Hides the length of your growing reality

You have done well
Wrestled the boredom that is hell
Gone through the day playing
Now, kneel, it is time for praying:

Sibbyl, Sibbyl,
Time for you to flow on to sleep
Drift, drift, drift…
And may the heavens of your dreams sift
Giving some good sleep deep
With miracles to your rest seal…

(Sleeping Baby from Anonymous)


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

6 thoughts on “LULLABY

  1. Su’ you really put it up huh?..Nice!..It reads better here…guess I have to lend my thoughts more often..


    1. Just had to…Travelled to you in the power of thoughts and blessed by the Muse couldn’t but simply put it back here…
      Glad to know you came by and read the prayer…Might read it to you all night…:)


  2. Fun spirit….The very phrase captures your muse in all her charm 🙂
    Drift away sweet Sibbyl as Su’ bids heavens miracles upon your brow.
    Su’ I see inspiration comes in various form,lol our Bubb’s spell been cast and YOU
    are now in a web. I absolutely love this!


    1. Spells they cast, but not always does the power last… 🙂
      Well, yea. Ditto that. Hmm. Strange that your comment came at lullaby time… Oh well.
      Wow…nice to know you love the poem…Would craft one soon for *you know who 😉


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