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(This is largely based on contributions of poems from several authors…It is the way most poems were written back then…
Some Psalms of the Bible find expression from here….Happy Reading from Us all Poets and Muses at Naija Stories…)

Of the sweetness of your words I fear
Finding in them a gracious tear
Fantasy at the side
Efforts failing, reality too strong to hide (@sueddie)

Sweetness that creeps silently forth
Enveloping my fears and secret anguish
Here, I lay it before all to blot
This pain too much for me to publish. (@shaifamily)

HA! Shai, what’s too hard to publish
That I would read with relish
Our great poet…
You have started this duet (@sueddie)

If only it would reawaken other poets
To take up this call and make the others sweat
I saw a renaissance springing forth
But, is that just my imagination crowding me out? (@shaifamily)

Imagination needs a wake up call indeed;
Go beyond mere words, live in deed
And then when you’ve lived what you preach,
See how much silence can widen your reach (@seun-odukoya)

For silence they say is golden.
With written words our world is unfolding,
Taking us far beyond our horizons..
Extra minds are welcome in this liaison.. (@sibbylwhyte)

Now, awaken the souls of the silent poets
To join their quota in this sweet duet
For every word that’s scribbled and spelt
Shall see the progress of this forum belt (@gooseberry)

My word! What words I see scribbled here
Flowing free and freshly scrawled
Look, see what tumbles out
When the poets gather round like scouts (@shaifamily)

@Shai my guy! The last line?
Oh! My brother, that’s fine
In Poets and Duets, you’re with friends
No critics (@kaycee dem dem) here to fry your bodily ends (@Sueddie)

Far in the silent distance I hear a call
From a voice so encompassing that I’m drawn along
‘How helpest thou, I, sweet comrades?’
‘What insignificant help can little me give?’ (@babyada)

Freely, we pour our musings here
Devoid of the critics spear
Rambling never felt this better and clear
Oh! I love this, give me more dear (@gooseberry)

Then said I.. You have it Goose.
For we shall be their muse.
We fear not the critic’s spear.
Only their taints of the poetic air. (@sibbylwhyte)

And so enter the free spirit
Never one to be silent
Here ego and pride at bay
Here let the muses reign (@kaycee)

Let said muse walk in the rain
Because he/she does not understand pain
The kind of pain that comes from hope denied
And I hope this; false pride’s decried. (@seun-odukoya)

Sweet! I love the way we are flowing the rhyme
Fair poets and muses: No pretence at all
That to this verse would certainly be a crime.
Okay, fellow poets, let’s continue to play ball! (@sueddie)

Crime you say?
I don’t know if that game I want to play
My balls I will fervently preserve
Unless it is another kind of ball you serve…. (@shaifamily)

Preserved or served; they one day will be taken
By the pain of words unspoken
Or by the anger evoked by words counted tokens
But kill and shrink all hope in the dozens (@seun-odukoya)

At the mention of Pain I will scamper
For that is a notion I will not temper
Maybe we should talk more about balls
That way we won’t escape the pitfalls…. (@shai-family)

Oh great poet; ‘ware thee this topic of balls
Before you make the council name thee ‘fairy’
And do you mean ‘balls’ or guts?
Cause you talk about one often; the other rarely… (@seun-odukoya)

Pain and pitfalls
Words I do not like
Give me balls anytime
A man is at best with his (@kaycee)

Caught between aphrodite’s lips,
balls he surrenders, he wouldn’t miss.
When pain and pleasure entwine,
Tis the same choice you would make next time. (@sibbylwhyte)

Hee hee hee! Hate to be rude
But we have to bring this interlude
Sibbyl spoke to whoever next would ‘cum’
Wow! Has anyone gotten that warm?!! (@sueddie)

I heard pain brings much pleasure
Burst balls though I don’t think will measure
Why do we talk about balls?
When there is much more cooking in the poetic halls…. (@shaifamily)

From the halls then, Maestros, Bring them all out!
Poets from the North to South (NS), turn this to some versified bout
We have the storms and sensations…
Please, Maestros, lets all show styles of variations! (@sueddie)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. Started as some crazy ass topic..I really read our madness here…I echo shai’s line..
    ‘See what tumbles out when the poets gather round like scouts!’…Nice!


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