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Why are they being so harsh and against protesters? Why didn’t they show this aggression when certain people protested against the anti-gay marriage bill?
Not in a long time has Nigeria seen this kind of unity. It simply speaks of a people determined to overhaul the draconian laws of a supposed democratic government.
Whether fuel subsidy is right or wrong is no longer the question. The question is ‘Do Nigerians support it?’
The various pictures and protests from all over the country simply say the same thing: ‘NO!’
Writers, Doctors, Traders, Journalists – the general masses are saying ‘NO!’
Why is the government being obstinate?
We are together across the lands from every part.
I salute all those standing for their voices, Seyi Balogun (Rest in peace Sir), Emman Shehu, Chika Unigwe, Jeff Unaegbu, Richard Ali, Doowizi Akegh, Nasir El Rufai, Gimba Kakanda, The NLC, TUC, Citizen Musa, Citizen Chinasa, Citizen Titi, Citizen Terdoo, and us all….
Let Aondo (God) help us. We are together and trudging on.



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  1. The biggest issue here is Trust, honesty, and transparency.
    They (the govt) can’t say it’s about saving money when their salaries are the biggest financial waste in the Nigerian economy. They also can’t promise that the money saved will be spent on infrastructure… we wont believe this for obvious reasons (their past record).
    They claim its an independent idea of the federal executive council when we all know from time that the IMF has been selling this idea to African countries like they sold S.A.P to us.
    Personally I’m an objective guy so if you give me a good reason to eat ‘Cassava bread’ I wont insist on the regular bread just cuz I’m used to it… If they have any good reasons and are not to arrogant to explain to us, I believe there are many Nigerians like me that can even be convinced to chill, and it’s better than the government spokespersons making careless comments to the press.

    That being said, I think they deliberately used the budget to tie their own hands so that they wouldn’t be able to back-track and reinstate the subsidy… this is rude, arrogant, and assuming that Nigerians are not sharp… it might also still be effective.


  2. @Sever, mimi je, I am not sure they would have it go easy like that. If the worst comes to the worst, they would find a way out. They who tie their hands would have to find a way to untie it …else…But seriously, what happened to the diesel subsidy?
    @Itua, my dearest Sir, it is no longer an option or simple charge: it is what is. Not just shall, Together we WILL!


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