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The government wasted time and precious resources to define fuel subsidy.
It took a whole lot of Professors and professionals to let us know what fuel subsidy is. A few of us still understand what it is today in terms of figures and economics.
What it took them lots of time and money to teach we have come to understand in three days:

Fuel subsidy is doubling the price of everything in the market…
It is the cost of going hungry, money hardly enough to buy groundnut, garri, biscuit or bread
Forget even akpu – all na double double.
It is filling half of your tank for six thousand rather than buying a full tank at four…
I hear that it is also the ‘donation’ of 16000 buses around the nation…or is it 1600? Whatever – would it be free?
Fuel subsidy is the arrests of several citizens – big and small for no reason but that they said no to a decree
It is the united voice of a nation saying ‘No’ to a President who insists on carrying out his wishes
When we were little in some school, they taught us that democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people – Maybe they taught you too.
Fuel subsidy spells the full definition of the government we have in Nigeria – not democracy
Forget the free and fair elections which weren’t so fair or free…
Can we forget Seyi who was brought down yesterday arms against an armless man?
Don’t look too far, very soon you would have a harvest of deaths of people who wouldn’t be able to buy Panadol for the headache that has become our everyday
How many children would die from increased hunger and ailments – money not enough to buy any drug?
Shall we forget all our relations who can’t come back from the villages with the doubled cost of everything?
How can we not remember that we have been asked to sacrifice by a government not sacrificing anything?
I saw the budget presented, didn’t you? Did our Lords who love fuel subsidy so much subsidise their pay packet?

I really did not know what fuel subsidy is but in its various manifestations leading to a death, I now feel what it is…
How long shall we continue to have these leaders treat us like this?
But why don’t we think? Is our problem the money or the structure? Nigeria’s problem is structural and not monetary…

First, it was diesel which they claimed when subsidised would help do this and that…
Please, can someone show me one pencil that the government has used that money to buy? One book given to a student…or just anything?

What assurances do we have?

Our only assurance is that if we don’t rise together as one
Fuel subsidy (and who knows what brother they would call it tomorrow) would keep continuing
Many more Seyis would die individually
Many more prices would double
Many more draconian rules would continue to spring
Many more people would suffer – this is only the beginning…

Yes, I must confess that we need subsidy:

Corruption: If they must subsidise anything, tell them to subsidise their corruption – that is the only way we can make progress…
Pay Packets: Tell them to subsidise their overt pay packets – the money would help solve many problems
Lies and Boko Haram: Let them subsidise their lies and even Boko Haram – wouldn’t their professionals explain that one?
Troubles: Subsidise our troubles…and if need be, get out for better leaders…
Deception: Tell them to be accountable and be leaders not rulers…

When they do that, and get us some refineries, better living standards and all, then we can talk fuel subsidy

The Economics of Fuel Subsidy is a subject I would rather not hear – too abstract…
It is the reality of now killing us all that I adhere to…

Aôndo is always with the people…if only our lucky men would hear the howling winds…

For the kicks (Courtesy of Terhile Spanix Tule)

(The true definition of fuel subsidy….Dedicated to Seyi Bolaji and us all)



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4 thoughts on “FUEL SUBSIDY 101

  1. Nice article my broda, am in pains cnt write more nw bt i share in ur view. I wnt 2 say wel done.


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  3. @Terhemen Iorvaa and Jude, thanks very much. Hmm, these things just keep coming up…Have you seen the news? wow…We only pray AÔNDO comes to our rescue. Lu nen dedoo.


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