I enjoyed the Christmas edition of the Sunday Sun Revue a lot. You know it’s been a while since I got to reading it (the Revue that is) especially since life has been really involving with lots of work.
Kudos on the news – enlightening. A lot of people are kept abreast through it. But I have been beating about the bush plenty. The piece that got me was Henry Chukwuemeka Onyeama’s piece ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS, IF IT EXISTS.’ The lettered story brought so many thoughts on several events. Onyeama carried so many tales and covered a lot of things in that one piece that brought me to quite a number of thoughts. In fact, if I wasn’t writing this note to you, I would have been writing my remake or inspired piece! Most of it hit me as it was close to what was happening in my house with a few substitutions and minuses. For the first part, it would have been my elder brother writing the letter and not me. Okay, the land issue, mad lady part et al would have been different too but the point is the core of the story is something that most of us would identify with. He is Yola and I am in Makurdi so getting home is easier to me and the like. I tried calling my brother to really ask him at some point if he wasn’t the one who wrote the piece. I sure still suspect him despite Onyeama’s name been written as the author. You know sometimes these our people would hide their mouth in paper and spit their heart out at us… Wait till I show mother.
Away from the letter, I think Oris Aigbokhaevgbolo(wow! what a name!)’s review on Darey was nice. I haven’t had the [dis]pleasure of the double album yet so I can’t tell if he was objective or not. His showing of some good and an overt bad shows that he tried his best as a reviewer should – I hope I am given this accolade someday too o! From what he has said though, I am looking forward to the Beat of the album with hardly a thought of the Heart side. Kai, Darey would sure get some points or a reason for a punch when he reads it.
One just had to smile at the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song that took the place of ‘Three Poems for the Road’ – Come to think of it, I have noticed that we hardly every have three poems maself
The review of Nairbobi Heat was sweet and tempting. Those guys (, right? did a good job. I only wish the names and underlining of obvious links (as contained in the web format) had been edited or removed by you in the print form.
That picture by David La Chapelle na wa o! I have seen some of his crazy remixes of Christ and Mary plus other bible characters and scenes online. I know a lot of people would have placed some fatwa or so on him if he messed with a different religion. No wahala. It is Christmas and Christ so ‘Peace’ to the talented artist. After all, the people in the ‘Jesus is my Homeboy’ picture look like they would say the same. I only wonder who Judas is among the several races depicted there… Shalom to him still.
On the whole, well done on all the work you are doing with writings personally and through the Sunday Sun Revue. From Hints through others to this, you have kept entertaining well and doing great. Naturally, you have your weaknesses and shortcomings as do these pieces and us all…the work you do though pays a price to cover all those weaknesses keeping us entertained.
In the words of today: I cut you cap and troway salute. Keep the good work. As the New Year sparks something new, let your light shine as writer, friend, and family man. In the wishes of Dr. Ekwuazi as poured on me last year: May your every word be magical.

– Sughurshater Su’eddie AGEMA-Vershima

P.S: What’s with subsidy and all? Oh, that is for a different letter. I discovered you’ve removed your number from the mast…was wondering when you would…:) To the main PS now…I just got a copy of your Nights of a Creaking Bed. Someone whispered I should wear some protection while reading it. Hmm. Na wa o!

The Sunday Sun Revue is a column in The Nigerian The Sun Newspaper



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