5 thoughts on “GENDER CHANGES AND MOTHERHOOD by Su’eddie Agema”

  1. Bravo,Bravo! Wonderful tribute to women and the mothers amongst us. Su’ you captured the essence of the female and quite aptly categorized us in all our splendor.
    The Jezebels, Delilah’s and Mary’s, (the perfect woman would be a combo of all three)lol
    Your title kinda threw me off a little because of GENDER CHANGES, I took it literally. Your struck a rather poignant cord especially with the demographics in Nigeria and the rest of the world to a certain degree. Ambitious women do not necessarily equal negligent or bad mothers, but further investigations often reveals that those who inadvertently neglect the core responsibility of mother hood;never really had it to begin with.

    Not everyone who gives birth is a mother (this is from a nurturing point of view)
    However, most mothers still fulfill those roles of maid,doc,teacher,tailor,hairdresser, etc…it’s a thing many have come to embrace and carried out ;inclusive of having a carer.

    A strong family structure would determine the level of self worth and confidence a child would have, these are things which would shape it’s future. Our world is changed so much now, family can be just dad and kids,or mom and kids. It can be two moms and kids or two dads and kids…it could me aunts and uncles,or grand parents raising the kids.

    This is in regards to the gender changes you referred to and it;s varying effects on family life. This brings me to acknowledging your ending here, the reference to all else who make it work 🙂
    I do realize that my demography here is not the typical scenario in most African countries especially the same sex parents or gay /Lesbian parenthood.
    Regardless of role reversals, a female who is indeed a mother in the heart as well as physically knows her duties and would not purposely shirk them for career.

    I grew up with the “it takes a village to raise a child mentality” and though I’ve lived overseas most of my life; I still retain that mind set. I suppose it would be determined on relationships and who your neighbor is. We have child molesters and sex offenders on the prowl, the internet provides a haven for them and it’s become more challenging to be a parent, guardian or care giver.
    All these give credence to your keen observations and concern and as you, may we see better.
    So I like you also wish this to all…from wall street to street corners, market sheds,class rooms and office buildings;I too pray that the mothers will never weak.


    1. Thank you, Dotta, for the deep thoughts and insightful comment. Glad you connected with it and glad, you could share too. As a mum with children – not two masef but more – and a big career including a day time job, full blogging, keeping in touch with a million adopted and blood loved ones, and writing, you sure epitomize those ladies who sure make the word ‘Super Woman’ inadequate to capture the full essence of some people.
      You have brought some other dimensions that conciseness prevented – same-sex parents, single parents and the like. It is a whole different world. And yes, the developed world is different from the so-called developing nations in values too. There’s the issue of our dying communities. The society is not truly the mother of the child anymore. (I sure miss that. I grew up in such).
      There’s always much to think about and a lot more to smile at.
      Whatever it is, it is in the light of all and more, that we have to honour those special mothers we have here still. They are amazingly super. I said it before – you encompass it all. I use you as a point of contact to pray for all other mothers, in the charge that you ‘Keep being there for us all…’
      May our mothers, dear sis, never get weak. Never.


  2. Simple, clear, precised. I couldn’t help falling in love with it! The igbos would say, ‘Nneka’, ‘mother is superior’. Indeed they are, God bless them for us and help us too to become deligent mothers some day especially in.these times when our brains are running faster than our legs…:D Nice piece, Su’ed. Hope it’s not too late to say, Happy feast of St Valentine.


    1. I think the proper interpretation, Jennifer, is ‘Mother is supreme’. True, Nneka, who can deny. Sad we lose more of them each day to ‘professionalism’…
      Thank you for the warm compliments. Glad you connected with it.
      And NO, it really wasn’t late. You were right on time with the wish. Many thanks. Happy Valentine Jennifer.


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