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The new baby came in on 11th August, 2011.

By the hours of the morning, he had come – our son. They said my sister, Theodora, had had a caesarean… then, her man’s voice was low and near grave. Ah, shei kosi? Ka nyi? (Na wetin…what is it?!!)

I was in Makurdi and was puzzled as to how to change all that I had planned for the day and get to Abuja. What was I going to tell Chuma Nwokolo and Geoff Ryman including the Writers’ League of Benue State University, Makurdi? Would they understand? To clear my head, I took a stroll, then shaved and came back home. I slept with a headache, wondering where to get some pay for the journey. Well, spoke with some aunties (Mbatomun Shango and Shiga Adzege), got encouragement and general cheer. I was still divided on what to do – to go or not to go? In the end, I took a decision not to leave for Abuja not so much because I wanted to fulfil any obligation but because my pocket said no.

So, went on and the next day, got to the baby. He is so lovely and quiet. Was so proud to have another little one that would keep calling me ‘Uncle!’ Another one to replace all the loved ones that have moved on. I stayed in the room with them for a full seven hours without moving, just watching them both. Theodora told me that no matter what I did, I should not make her laugh as laughing would make her stomach wounds pain her. Ouch! It turned out to be punishment. I tried my best but near failed despite the continuous caution :)… As his dad came later, my mum and our relations, I noted the pride that each bore. Indeed, this child was all of ours. It turned out her man had simply been overwhelmed by everything as indeed we all are… I am still awed by the beauty of God’s hand – the marvel of new life. I had cause to interview Msugh, a cousin to ask when next any of our siblings would give birth. She gave me an option that was really tempting – ‘Do it yourself na.’ Hmmm…no words.

Well, I have been an Uncle severally to name sakes, Su’ur, Shater and Saaniyol; Lois and Jayciel; Sever; Nana; Sever Angie and Anashima; Nadoo, Ogbebo, Ochanya, the Enes, and the whole host of others. Still, I have not had any chance to write in honour of these great ones who have given me extra age and so much more excitement. If I pass at any time, I am honoured to have been a part of your lives. So, I dedicate to you all, nephews, nieces and our new one from Theodora, King David ‘Tochukwu’ Oyana. Let our lines continue. To those others who are coming; Godspeed. We eagerly await. God bless us all.



P.S: Pictures coming shortly…:)



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  1. Su’ the way you write is the way you talk I suppose…makes me feel like I was present to hear your voice 🙂 “those who gave you extra age” what a befitting phrase. 7 hours, you soft on your sis, I like that.

    A baby brings joy and hope and your picture here confirms all the lovely emotions we go through when we are privileged to be a part of another chapter in our line.
    Can’t imagine Theo not laughing with you around :), and God bless that cousin and her response ( secretly glad for your hmm) 🙂
    Aye Su’ may our line continue, this is warming.


    1. Hee hee hee…the words to the fingers just like to the pen and keyboard flow smoothly expressing the heart a little more. The thoughts remain same even though sometimes the mouth may find expressions not so beautiful 🙂 Yes, that’s how it rolls.
      Talking about the chapters in our line, I only wonder what time I would get ‘my hmm’ and move with this line elongation 🙂
      Thanks Dotta, you are one of the rarest gladdening hearts. Dalu..


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