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The Orphanage Again

As an update to the post on the Mfanyima Orphanage (check below for the post), the foundation started a workshop and project. Yesterday, we taught the kids at the Orphanage Basic Computer Appreciation. It was a full team of about six facilitators and had everything covered. Of course, we did not want to leave it boring the way most of these our people would do it so, we taught a bit… then decided to have a full discussion with them on How Computers work, its history, how to make money from it (this caught their attention)… getting friends online, the power of the net… wow! It was fun.

After every talk, there was the question and sharing session. Boy! We got several questions from “How does a computer make me eat?” to “Forex” and “How do search engines work?” Yeah, we had them all… covered.

We are heading back to the Orphanage today for the second day of the workshop that centres on Health Issues. Tomorrow is Motivational Talks while on Saturday, we intend to take some items to them. So much to do… yeah, God will lead us all through.

So, keep in touch, read the blog, drop your thoughts, … and importantly, remember life is short… so, have fun and make it fun for others. Mch lv, S’



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