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I was feeling blue and typed a very long taleful piece… I discovered after pressing ENTER that the connection had been severed. That piece disappeared from the internet.

Whatever you think I believe it is God telling me to count my blessings. Wow!

I have not given so much time to writing at the moment since I am trying to establish a foundation firmly. I was in Chachanji, Takum LG of Taraba, Nigeria on Monday last to give a workshop on ‘Education as the way forward’ and ‘Retaining our Culture’ in one lecture to JSS and SSS students. It was fun. It was organised by the Foundation’s Program Officer, Sola Abisagbo. We got some pictures but we would be uploading them later. Travelled to another village, Donga Suntai in Donga LG later the same day with Sola. It took us an hour on bike down semi smooth roads and two hours of rough terrain. Got there and saw our fellow Corp members particularly a good friend, Tolu Johnson. It was fun till it was time to go – the aches of missing them and the thoughts of the road back… some other private reason too 🙂

Well, we got back and had to exchange bikes again , I had to drop and take a bike to Wukari LGA… kai, let me not bore you. End result is I have not being feeling too good since that adventure but God is our strength. I plan for another journey while preparing for a competition on Conflict, and an Orphanage workshop. Please pray God to give us the strength…

Wait! Did I mention that there was serious turmoil in Wukari? Google it. People were killed o! But that gist is too much to type… buzz me and we would hola on it, fiction and non-fictionally. Take care and God be with you all the way. S’



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2 thoughts on “WOW

  1. I so totally envy your travels, how awesome it must be to see so many different people and places. God is great Su’ I see you lived 🙂

    You wanna tell me those personal reasons some day? huh? 🙂


    1. LiveD…and still living. There’s so much to live for here!
      Dotta, c’mon!!! Okay, would whisper it to you. Just remind me whenever we talk…I would keep my word – I hope 🙂
      Now, to think of the next journey …


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