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I visited an orphanage today. I was with my friend, Olubunmi Olateju. It wasn’t much like the official stuff you would see in movies of destitutes, thin kids and the like.

It was simply a family of different children. No difference, no thin ravage looking child. I noticed though that the house was small. They need improvement and lots of support. A lot of people had come but were only interested in giving a little rice, beans or the like and snapping loads of pictures. I gave what offering I could and refused to get that cheap publicity (so I didn’t snap the place or the children).

I was touched by the home (Mfanyima Orphanage Home) and the simple man and woman who have turned their house into a haven for kids from a month old to thirty five and over. I plan to give them what help in services and all that I can. I think you should try to visit an orphanage too. You must not snap them all and paste so that everyone knows how ‘kind’ or ‘philantropic’ you are.

The main thing is, touch a life!



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  1. i celebrated with one on ma birthday. a visit to one leaves one with a lasting imagination n the zeal to do more. am not trying to blow ma trumpet but daz whr all ma allowance goes to everymonth, biliv u me what u do for those kids, their tears is enough prayer to last u for a life tym.

    Kudos ma broda, it takes a big HEART to pay such a visit.
    when i did, i didn’t want to leave them on tym cos u presence keep a lasting smiles on their faces.

    Visit one today and ur testimonies will neva cease.



  2. Hmm, Nekie, walahi, I have added it as part of my personal project o! It is a big world… wait, are you also passing out with this batch…abi, you get some time… o! yea… well, thanks for the reply and I just pray that people get to inculcate the spirit of charity and the like – it’s FUN and loving! S’


  3. Such is life, sure reward for every humanitarian contribution.
    How’s Bunmi, extend my greetings please.


  4. It is God that would lift us up. Well done on the good job that you are doing. If more people would give hope to such … really, a little can go a long way.


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