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I survive

I thought I would be using this blog simply for some of my writings and all but things are coming up to make me change my thoughts a bit.

I was heading for an all NYSC(National Youth Service Corp) EXCO meeting in Wukari with our Local Government Inspector. I grabbed my uniform on, read the psalms and headed out. At a roundabout, I saw a bike coming in on the wrong lane. He rammed into a car, and went into the air in a burst of life and landed, dead. The several dirty Naira notes in his pocket littered the floor (he was a commercial motorcyclist). Fortunately, the two passengers of his, a woman and small boy, found themselves on the roundabout – unharmed. It was like God lifted them and put them there. I was so shocked but had to cross and attend my meeting.

I wrote a poem, not concentrating much on the meeting.

After all, I strolled out of the meeting grounds with one of my closest friends, a Barrister, Ogo Ugbor. I was about to cross the road when she dragged me back. A bike sped past, its breeze in my face telling me of the closeness.

Missed several deaths, and it was only yesterday.

Was dead tired as I hit the bed by some 1AM but still, I was up by 5:20 to go for morning mass.




Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

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